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A Dose of Melanin Boutique

Timeless+Beauty Waist Beads

Timeless+Beauty Waist Beads

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Adorn your waist with these gorgeous African Waist Beads made from the finest glass beads sourced from Africa. These are beads are imported from Nigeria right where the tradition of waist beads began. These beads can be worn along or stacked/paired with another strand.

This beautiful strand looks amazing on any skin tone and fits most body sizes and types.

** You will receive 1 strand per order.

  • Handmade item

  • Materials: Glass

  • 100% 50 inch cotton string

  • NO clasp. These beads must be tied and are permanent one put on. Waist beads are a journey — not a destination.

Waist beads can not be personalized or customized. Each strand comes as is.


  • I am deserving of wealth.

  • I am worthy of success.

  • I live in abundance.

  • I am not sapphire, I am gold.

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